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Why Your Website Needs to Make a Positive First Impression

Why Your Website Needs to Make a Positive First Impression

First impressions are everything, especially on the web. Within 10 seconds of arriving at your website (or blog) your customers will have formed either a negative or positive impression about your company. This opinion will dictate whether they quickly leave your site or continue to browse around to learn more about you.

Your website and online tools are in essence your digital packaging in the same way a product has material packaging. Think about when you are in a store, how do you decide which product to pick up and look at? Most likely you will choose the product with the most unique, appealing packaging to look at first. The same is true with your website. When your customers come to your site the first thing they notice is the overall look and feel.

If they are impressed with your site’s presentation, they will most likely dig deeper to determine if your products or services are a good match.

Conversely, if your site looks outdated or half-baked they will most likely leave in search of another site that is more professional.

A simple, easy to use website that both looks professional and clearly conveys what you offer helps to build trust and credibility.

You will also differentiate yourself from your competitors by having a professional presence on the web. A well-designed site gives users the perception that your products or services are superior to your competition, even if that’s not necessarily the case.

I think about how many times I’ve Googled a company and been utterly disappointed when I viewed their site. They may have the best product in the world but if their site looks like their 10 yr old cousin created it, I don’t trust them and I usually go back to the Google results and find one of their competitors’ sites.

Another great way to build trust through your online efforts is to be actively engaged with your customers through networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  56% of social media users feel a company is providing a better product or service if they interact with them online.

Being active in the social space helps customers feel like they can connect with your company on a human, one-on-one level. It also makes them feel like their voices will be heard and they can get a hold of someone much easier if a problem arises.

Take a look at your website and online tools. Are they giving your customers a positive impression about you? If not, here are some easy ways to boost your credibility online.

  1. Keep content short and to the point
  2. Fix errors and broken links immediately
  3. Update your blog and other content consistently
  4. Promote social networks you actively engage in
  5. Invest in a professional looking design
  6. Make sure your online materials mesh well with your offline materials

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