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Why Good Design Matters

Why Good Design Matters

affordable graphic designWhen it comes to selling, first impressions are SO important. First impressions happen when a potential customer sees your product on the shelf, glances at your logo at a trade show, or visits your website. You literally have a few SECONDS to make a positive first impression or your customer will walk.

People are very visually motivated. They buy things that “look” desirable. They sign up for services from companies that “look” credible and trustworthy. As shallow as that seems, it’s the truth.

You could have the best, most competitively priced product or service in the world, but if your marketing materials suck and it looks like your 12-year-old niece created them in Word, guess what? They most likely won’t be buying anything from you.

You always need to put your best foot forward when producing marketing materials. The way your brochures, logos, catalogs, websites, etc look send a message to your potential customers about your company.

Highly, polished branding and designs sends the message that your are a credible, trustworthy business, who cares about your image and thus cares about the customers.

On the contrary, half-hazard inconsistent branding that looks unprofessional will send the message that you are just winging-it and you could care less about your business or your customers.

You may think that you are saving money by hiring you niece or your neighbor to develop some branding for your business, but in reality you are really losing money. You are losing out on valuable sales opportunities and first impressions from people who are turned off by your lack of professional image.

By the time you realize that and pay a real designer to redo everything it may be too late.

Invest in yourself and in your image. Hire a qualified, experienced graphic designer or marketing firm that can create the visual message and perception that positions you as the leader that you are.

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