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What’s Your Company’s Only Statement?

What’s Your Company’s Only Statement?

What is the one thing your company does better than anyone else? What is the one key element that your whole business is built around? If you could sum up your business in a tweet (140 characters) or less, what would you say?

These questions are hard.

But whether or not you can answer them relates directly to the success of your business.

These types of questions that aim to help you establish the brand of your company shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Developing and clarifying your brand will affect every other aspect of your business and your marketing.

The way your website looks, the types of conversations you have on social media, the tone of your blog, the types of links you share – they all go back to what your core brand is.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this concept as it applies to my clients and their digital marketing initiatives after talking with David Morgan, branding extraordinaire with Force 5 Brand Development and Marketing Agency in South Bend.

He is passionate about helping companies find their “Only” statement through a proven brand development process. The goal is at the end of the process a company will have a statement that is only true for their company, and no one else. This sets you apart as a leader, an expert in your field and thus drives your branding initiatives.

For example, an “Only” statement could be, “We are the ONLY dog collar company that guarantees our products for life.”

Or, “We are the ONLY cafe that gives you a free meal and gift on your birthday.”

You get the idea.

This concept has got my wheels turning, searching for Freshlime’s “Only” statement.

Do you have a clearly defined “Only” statement? I’d love to hear them.

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