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The Importance of a Company Blog

The Importance of a Company Blog

Although the online channels involved in a digital marketing strategy will vary depending on the business, there is one vehicle that will benefit 95% of all businesses – a blog. A company blog that is customer-focused, well-written, and consistently updated will reap many significant benefits.

According to Hubspot’s Blog Study and Technorati’s 2009 State of the Blogosphere Report blogs offer the following benefits:

  • Boosted Website Traffic: Websites with blogs have 55% more visitors than those who don’t, fueled by 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages.
  • Increased Visibility: 71% of companies with blogs experience greater visibility in their industry. 40% of companies have been asked to speak at conferences because of valuable content that was placed on their blog.
  • Revamped Sales: 63% of companies with a blog said clients purchased products and services as a result of the blog.
  • Heightened Credibility: 56% of companies with blogs stated their company was now regarded as an expert because of the presence of their blog.

When using a blog in combination with other social tools, your blog should be the focal point which you use the other tools to draw attention to.

We recommend using WordPress software to host your blog directly on your website because it is easy to use and provides valuable search engine optimization benefits.

If your business doesn’t currently have a blog (and isn’t reaping the benefits from blogging) what is holding you back from utilizing this technology? Leave your reply in the comment section below.

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