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Leveraging the Web as an Entrepreneur

Leveraging the Web as an Entrepreneur

I love working with new entrepreneurs and startups. I am not sure if it’s their infectious enthusiasm or the fact that as a new entrepreneur myself I can really relate to them. Either way working with new businesses is just plain fun.

I am blessed to currently be working with three startups that are very unique and vary greatly from each other. However, they all share one common thing. They all recognize that much of their success (or failure) will hinge upon how well they are able to leverage the web.

One of the biggest things I stress to my clients and other entrepreneurs is that because the web has become the primary source of information for most people, it’s critical that you create an effective presence online for your brand from day one.

A new business can no longer afford to procrastinate on creating a digital strategy until they are “up and running” or have “more revenue flowing in”.

At the very minimum new businesses need to have an optimized, user-friendly website and a social media strategy right from the starting gate.

By creating an effective digital strategy up front you are laying the foundation for your future success because you are beginning to build recognition and credibility online right away. You are also able to build brand advocates and connect with people who are willing to spread the word about you through social media.

The good news is you will also save money and time by investing in a solid web presence up front. Websites have gotten a lot cheaper over the last couple of years and an experienced social media specialist probably costs less than that radio advertising you were considering (and would be a heck of a lot more effective).

As an entrepreneur you already know there is no better time than right now to be in business. Take advantage of all of the cost-effective marketing tools the web has to offer. I promise you won’t be sorry.

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