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Introduction to Digital Strategy

Introduction to Digital Strategy

There are many ways to incorporate a Digital Strategy into your Business Plan. Whether you have been given the task of developing a small business website, are exploring Social Media for the first time, or are hoping to establish a fully integrated online existence, its important to recognize the vast applications and services available through which to develop your company in the online realm. Below I have outlined a few introductory points to keep in mind as you begin.

1)  RESEARCH: Do your research. How are competitors and others in your market segment utilizing digital media? Online Marketplace trending tools can help you assess the current market. Focus your research on understanding your consumers and targeted audience online behavior and the channels they use. Additionally, find out what social media information and sites rely on.

2)  STRATEGY: Set objectives, define your strategy and establish a suitable online mix and digital tools (Websites, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing etc). Strike an appropriate balance between traditional and digital interaction to suit your companies needs.

3)  ORGANIZATIONAL: As these new digital facets become a part of your company’s structure keep mind your organizational capabilities. Do you currently have the resources and talent to maintain and grow your digital strategy? Depending on your organizational needs you may benefit from consulting an industry specialist.

4)  METRICS: The digital world is ever changing. It’s important to try and stay current of new trends that can affect and assist your organization. The ability to track and receive performance analytics and metrics (websites, internet applications, services, and networks) is astounding. You have the ability to monitor across your entire digital sphere, which will provide you with the data to test and analyze your digital campaign performance. This way you can continue to set new objectives and grow.

Keeping the above summary points in mind when developing your Digital Strategy will assist you in fostering a successful online presence as you navigating the digital medium and connect with customers online.

Carley Oberdoerster is a Communications professional living in Boston. She currently works at ThomsonReuters as a Product Specialist managing online Investor Relations and Public Relations products. Her background includes a client roster of several Fortune500 accounts and international work experience in both Hong Kong and London. Carley received her B.A. from Michigan State University in Organizational Communications and holds a Digital Graphic Design certificate from New England Institute of Art.

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