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Top Superbowl Commercial Pick

Top Superbowl Commercial Pick

Every year when I was an advertising student at Michigan State University, we had the assignment of watching the Superbowl commercials with a critical eye. Even though my college days are long gone, I still sit down and watch the commercials with my laptop, making notes on trends and ideas that I can apply to my clients.

My favorite Superbowl commercial this year was an easy pick. The “Imported from Detroit” (Chrysler) commercial was hands-down my favorite for a few reasons.

First, it did an impressive job telling Chrysler’s story and why they are who they are and what they believe in.

Secondly, the commercial evoked a strong sense of emotion, and pride for all those who watched it. No matter what city you’re from, you could relate. Detroit has become the symbol for all of those in cities across America who have struggled, and fallen, but refuse to give up. For those of us who believe that brighter days are near and that the abandon buildings and warehouses of our towns are simply spaces for new ideas.

And lastly, being a Detroit native the commercial spoke to my heart. For those us from Detroit no other words could have rang truer. We’ve stood behind our city through good and bad, and even for those of us who don’t currently live that but who return often, it made us proud. Proud to be a part of an undercurrent, a movement, a stirring of hearts and minds that one day will put Detroit into the spotlight again.

Rock on Detroit, Rock on.

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