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Freshlime Welcomes Kelly Kenny to the Marketing Team

Freshlime Welcomes Kelly Kenny to the Marketing Team

Here at Freshlime we are super excited to welcome new marketing team member, Kelly Kenny! Kelly shares Freshlime’s passion for helping business grow and connect with their customers via the web. Passionate, hard-working, and exuberant, we are so excited to have Kelly on our team. Kelly is a transplant to Indiana, much like the rest of the Freshlime team and she also happens to love limes.

Meet Kelly

Kelly Kenny Freshlime

My name is Kelly Kenny, I’m a New York City transplant, a new graduate of the public relations masters program at Ball State University, someone who takes karaoke way too seriously, an avid fan of Harry Potter and the most recent edition to the Freshlime Digital Marketing team.

Since moving to Goshen, the first question people ask me upon hearing my brutally thick New York accent is “Why did you come to Indiana?!?” Well, the abridged version goes something like this: I graduated from the College of Staten Island in 2010 with my Bachelors degree in creative writing and French, and had absolutely no idea what came next. So I took two years off and worked a lot, and traveled the world, and had an amazing time doing whatever I wanted all in the name of “finding myself.”  

When my two years were up, I sat down, and as my mother would call it, harvested my talents. I had realized looking back over my life, and my jobs, and my relationships, and my schoolwork ,and my passions that I had inadvertently been doing public relations my whole life.  I learned the importance community relations as the Vice President of Nothing New Thrift Shop Inc. I learned the intricacies of client relations as the administrative assistant at Park Slope Plumbing Supply. I learned event coordination and promotion working as a host for an entertainment company. I realized I had the practical knowledge; all I needed was the theoretical. I applied to Ball State’s masters program, got in, and moved three months later. 

Let me preface my next statement by saying that I am in no way annoyed with having to answer the “why Indiana?!?” question. I’ll tell anyone my story should they care to hear it. What I can’t help but think while I’m answering is: why not Indiana?!? I have learned incredible things here. I have made amazing friends here. I have worked with the Delaware County Court System, the Ingelhart Scholars program, and the College of Communication Information and Media at BSU. Yet, probably the most incredible thing of all is how whole-heartedly this community has welcomed me in such a short amount of time. For that, I’m forever grateful. I love it here, and I’m so excited to be doing what I love while working with such an incredible group of people. Thank you!

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