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Facebook Steps It Up

Facebook Steps It Up

Facebook is taking note of the competition and keeping one step ahead by harnessing their strengths and adding them to their ever growing list of features. The newly launched “subscribe” button introduced by Facebook allows users to follow others even if they are not on their list of friends. Watch out Twitter, Facebook is definitely stepping it up a notch!

Leave it to Facebook to cover all the bases by offering options with this feature. Users can choose to follow others status updates, life events, games, or photos and videos. Users can choose to follow all or any combination of these groupings. Subscribe opens a whole new level of interaction as users can now follow their favorite celebrity, author, or political candidate and if your interest changes you can unsubscribe anytime.

Worried about privacy? Don’t be. Facebook offers this feature on an opt-in basis so it’s always your choice. If you would like to add this feature simply go to the subscriptions page and click “allow subscribers”. You can edit settings to receive notifications when another user chooses to follow you and, if you like, allow followers to comment on your posts. If you decide this features is not for you, you can opt-out anytime.

You have to hand it to Facebook for successfully keeping pace with the competition and remaining cutting edge. This new feature will allow Facebook’s over 750 million users to connect to a broader base and share more information publicly. Be sure to check out this amazing new feature and see what it can bring to you.

To check out a profile of a user who has this featured enabled, checkout  Mark Zuckerberg’s page.

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