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ELLE Magazine Features Freshlime

ELLE Magazine Features Freshlime

Freshlime was fortunate to garner attention in another major media publication.  This time we were asked to comment on a story ELLE magazine was doing about the power of digital networking.

The article gives lots of great online etiquette tips for building your online connections to boost your bottom line. Here’s an excerpt from the article.

Don’t Abandon Face Time for Facebook

Also known as “Put down the mouse and leave the house.” You can get only so close by clicking through someone’s photo albums.

“As a social media consultant, I believe whole-heartedly that connecting with people via social networking channels is a critical first step. It’s a great way to get the conversation flowing and the communication lines open. However, it can’t replace face-to-face interaction,” says Jillian Koeneman, 28, the founder of Freshlime Connect Digital Marketing. Or as she put it on her blog recently: “Last night’s TweetUp was a great testimonial to the power social media has when it is not used in isolation. It was the first time I have had the opportunity to meet most of my local Twitter contacts face-to-face. I spent most of my time listening and absorbing. Listening to others’ stories. Finding out what people are passionate about and where they are at in their careers and in life. While I didn’t get a chance to meet everyone (there is always the next TweetUp, right?) for those I did have a chance to talk with, I felt a deeper, more substantial connection. I feel we have now become friends rather than digital acquaintances. I also feel like … I am much more likely to tell my friends about their business or refer business directly to them.”

The blog post that was referenced in the article was based upon my reflections of my first TweetUp experience. Stay tuned for more info about how I was able to score this free publicity and how you can too!

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