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4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Fan Page

4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Fan Page

As the second most popular site on the web, Facebook holds large potential for businesses. A new study finds that nearly 72% of all Internet users visit social sites like Facebook.

By having a well established presence on Facebook you can best position your company to connect with your audience on their home-turf. You will also increase awareness and visibility by maximizing the search engine optimization benefits that come along with having an optimized Facebook fan page.

Here are four easy ways to beef up the effectiveness of your Facebook fan page.

  1. Develop a custom Fan page: Using Facebook’s programming language called FBML you can create custom beautiful mini-websites within your Fan page. Vitaminwater is a great example. You can even incorporate a contact form right into your fan page, making it easier for your users to find out more about you and take the next step toward becoming a customer. If you don’t want to take the time to learn FBML, you can utilize user-friendly applications like TabSite to create custom Facebook pages.
  2. Import blog posts and video: You can use Facebook to distribute content you have already created (blog posts, video, etc). For blog posts you can either import them manually or use the WordPress plugin to automatically bring them in. For video you can create a YouTube tab that displays all of your videos in one spot.
  3. Create a vivid avatar: Lately I have been seeing a lot of businesses updating their avatar’s to be vibrant and eye-catching. Instead of uploading your standard logo, create a large graphic representation of your brand and include your website address or phone number. The maximum size your Facebook fan page avatar can be is 200px by 600px.
  4. Optimize for search engines: One of the easiest ways to optimize your fan page for the search engines is to customize your vanity URL Once your fan page hits 25 fans your are eligible to create your own custom url. Go to and select the fan page you want to name. You can then create a keyword rich username for you page. Make sure the username you select makes sense to your audience and has keyword benefits. For example our Facebook username is http:.// We could have also chosen It’s worth noting that once you change your URL you CANNOT change it, so choose carefully. You can also put keywords in the “about us” box on the right- hand side of the page and in theĀ  “info tab” to help improve search engine visibility.

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