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4 Things Your Website Should Do

4 Things Your Website Should Do

Your company’s website can play a vital role in your organizations online presence. There are several key objectives to consider when examining a sites functionality, structure, and content to ensure you are delivering an impactful and successful visitor experience.

Your website should:

  • Inform – It is important that your site is continually updated with fresh, relevant and purposeful content (coding and links should be actively updated as well). This affects not only the overall quality of the site but also is pertinent to SEO scoring and proper indexing. Any visitor to your site should always be able to easily find the information they are looking for without having to drill down through multiple pages. “About us”, “contact information” and “products/services” links should be located in the main navigation.
  • Engage – View your website as a tool to help cultivate new and existing client relationships. Include actionable ways visitors can learn about the company’s products and services. One way this can be achieved is by providing “call to action” opportunities. Encouraging visitors to “click here for a free trial” or “sign up for our newsletter” are excellent methods to increase engagement as well as help you better gauge user’s behavior and interests. Additionally another valuable way to interact is by maintaining a user forum or encouraging visitor comments and feedback on you blog.
  • Connect –Build gainful connections to your users by posting buttons directing through to your social media channels. By actively manage and update your social media feeds, company blog, social bookmarking sites, and videos you establish yourself as a proactive communicator. Further, by including a “like button” on your site you facilitate a visitor’s ability to act as brand advocates.
  • Convert- Successfully turning leads into customers is clearly a key objective. A good website provides ease of use and anticipates a visitors needs. Some ways to move visitors effectively through your conversion funnel include displaying clear, readable copy, creating highly visible consumer offers, displaying endorsements and accreditation, and optimizing usability. There are several methods available to help gauge usability and measure visitor experience that can be beneficial in better understand visitor’s motivators. Try starting with Google Optimization tool. Their tool allows you to run both basic A/B and multivariate tests to measure page performance.

A well developed website plays an integral role in the success of your company’s online strategy. Taking into consideration the above mentioned objectives as well as continuing to adapt to new digital mediums can help you maintain a valuable user-friendly website.

What do you think are the most important components in creating great website?

Carley Oberdoerster is a Communications professional living in Boston. She currently works at ThomsonReuters as a Product Specialist managing online Investor Relations and Public Relations products. Her background includes a client roster of several Fortune500 accounts and international work experience in both Hong Kong and London. Carley received her B.A. from Michigan State University in Organizational Communications and holds a Digital Graphic Design certificate from New England Institute of Art.


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